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470mm Steel Fire Pit


470mm diameter steel fire bowl with stand.

Price includes delivery to UK mainland excluding Highlands.

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Simply designed and perfect for smaller outdoor areas of modern housing or anywhere space is limited. Our 470mm fire pits are crafted from high quality steel which will oxidise over time to give the patina many people like to see. Manufactured by us in the North East of England.

Our Fire Pits are designed to be multi-functional. You can gather round and enjoy the glow and smells of a real fire. You can use them as a BBQ and they will give you light and warmth when the sun goes down.

Dry wood logs are best to use. They are easier to light, produce less smoke, and burn hotter and longer. There are new regulations concerning the sale of wet wood logs.

Safety Notes

We realise the safety aspects of using a fire pit are obvious but we respectfully wish to go over some of the main points:

  • Be aware of the wind direction and ensure the location is safe from anything hanging or nearby that could catch fire.
  • Locate your Fire Pit on something that can withstand the heat e.g. paving slabs, heat shield, fire ring or a fire retardant mat to protect your patio or grass, decking requires a thermal barrier.
  • Many people put sand in the bottom of the Fire Pit which holds the heat for longer and prolongs the life of the metal bowl.
  • Don’t have a fire under a covered area.
  • Don’t be too close to sheds or containers.
  • Have an emergency extinguishing agent available nearby, Sand, Fire Blanket etc.
  • Children and animals should not be left unsupervised around a fire pit.
  • Don’t abandon your fire pit whilst still alight. Say good night with a cover to make sure hot ash or embers don’t blow about.

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470mm diameter


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