CNC Metal Spinning

Computer controlled (CNC) metal spinning is ideal for batch quantities of 500 units or more.

It enhances the consistency of each piece, providing an ultra-smooth surface finish.

North East Metal Spinners currently operate a number of custom built CNC metal spinning machines that allow us to manufacture a wide range of spun metal components.

Our CNC metal spinning machines are operated by highly training engineers who use a bespoke CAD-CAM software to design operating programs based on our customer’s drawings / requirements  to ensure our clients jobs are completed with accuracy and speed.

Benefits of CNC Metal Spinning

Get more done…

North East Metal Spinners can combine a number of operations which allows for increased efficiency in larger batch quantities by utilising the computer controlled technology afforded by CNC Metal Spinning.

Work to finer tolerances…

Products will work harden resulting in improved tensile strength through the CNC Metal Spinning process.

This can often mean that we are able to use thinner gauge material. Products that are currently being fabricated and can be made to a tolerance of +0.5mm to -0.5mm of a drawing.

Better manage costs…

Owning a CNC Metal Spinning machine means that at North East Metal Spinners we are able to price our customer products with greater accuracy and  plan work more effectively as the CNC records a great deal of data that we can use.

Save time…

North East Metal Spinners will provide the knowledge and expertise to help develop engineering solutions for our customer requirements, speeding up the time is takes to get new products to market.

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